metropolitan and regional development, population and economic activities to the large cities, especially in the central city agglomeration, there has been excessive concentration of population and urban functions caused by the "big city" disease, this phenomenon is particularly prominent in the metropolitan area of Japan. To solve the problem of big city disease caused by excessive concentration functions, Japan had taken a metropolitan city sub-center building center city and regional functions to ease the city center of Tokyo too dense urban functions.Since the  nike free 4.0 v3 mens  late 50s of last century, Tokyo has built a seven sub-central Shinjuku, these sub-center on the features to high-end services, the city's business and global finance, consulting, management functions, the main aim of the original evacuation CBD center three districts (Chiyoda, Chuo, Minato and) too dense urban functions. In Tokyo set up 15 large metropolitan city core business, the core business of the city and close to the city center is generally 15-55 km, the main function of accepting the capital can be transferred (including the central area too intensive education, health, public administration etc.), some functions of the company headquarters, carrying part of living, culture, tourism, research and exhibition of non-essential functions in the central area of the layout, or relying on a particular port, the airport's location and the commitment of international exchanges, port industry and other functions, is Service of Tokyo metropolitan area, an important node in the Japanese national and global markets.On one hand the central city area features share the city center, residential city sub-center, administration, education, health services, to 


undertake a large number of urban functions. On the other hand is relatively livable industry, neither the central area of the city traffic congestion, air pollution, but also to attract some companies concentrated form distinctive, clear division of industry concentration. The central city area is a new economic growth engine is the key node of urban functions of the network.Vice centers, regional co-function center city urban centers scattered over centralized functions, promote the optimization of the layout of urban functions metropolitan area in Japan, but also scattered Tokyo are too concentrated urban functions. In the central city area forming a plurality of self-reliance and strong metropolitan area, and a clear division of functions to form functional dispersion, their duties and organic link network in Japan's capital city circle.Beijing urban functions optimized layout, speeding up the construction of the sub-center and the Metro, the city formed multi-center network domain spatial structureTo ease too dense city, you need a  nike free 3.0 v5 running shoes  domain within the scope of the construction of a number of Metro City and deputy central cities to promote polycentric development of urban space. Beijing existing urban spatial structure as "two axes - two belts - multi-center." Extended development of the two shafts, services and capital, epitomizes the modern service functions. Especially the east-west axis (Chang'an Avenue and its extension cord) to be formed from the Shijingshan Tongzhou New City, including between finance, commerce, government services, such as high-end service sector shaft. Strengthen the construction of "two zone", particularly in the eastern development zone, the focus should be to become the new knowledge-based economy in Beijing. Strengthening the periphery of Metro construction, and expand development center to promote the city center, the Metro Multi collaborative development.Change the 


situation in Beijing is highly concentrated in the functions of the central city, city center city accelerated the outward transfer functions, not only conducive to establishing a more rational structure of urban space, but also due to ease Beijing all kinds of "single-center gathering" has brought many recipe for urban issues. Accelerated production functions in particular to the periphery of material production functions transferred from the central city districts, the more urban functions in particular the transfer of functions from the central industrial city to urban development zone in eastern and southeastern parts of the industry across the Beijing administrative functions should area is transferred to the surrounding areas of Hebei and Tianjin.Beijing, Tianjin and functional areas to optimize the layout of the city center and the division of functionsAccording to Beijing, Tianjin and regional resources and environmental conditions, economic and social ties urban spatial distribution pattern, the status quo as well as the urban transportation  nike free 3.0 v4 uk  system development positioning, Beijing, Tianjin region should strive to build "a primary one, three-, four districts, multi-center, network "spatial development pattern.Specifically, "a master" of Beijing, "a" Tianjin "triaxial" that formed along the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway along - Baoding - Shijiazhuang city with axes, along Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway - Tianjin city and along the axis of Beijing-Harbin line, Jingshan line and along the Beijing-Shenyang high