, Chiang Mai, Phayao, such as the number of government and neighboring Bangkok have felt. Earthquake large number of houses, temples and roads damaged, many power outages, some hospitals were forced to transfer patients. Thai caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck ordered the relevant departments to fully provide assistance tonike free run 3 for sale    the affected people 3 end of the day, the Xiaweiyixi Cam Air Force Base, five F-22 "Raptor" stealth fighter along with a huge roar took flight  According to Japan. " Asahi Shimbun "disclosure, the Air Force's main fighter plane during the recent training camp in Hawaii, the Chinese Air Force as an" imaginary. " This report, entitled "U.S. forces in the Pacific enemy" declared, "The first line in the military, the two sides mutually regard each other as potential enemies to deal with disputes that may occur at any time." As the Air Force's trump card, "Raptor" fighter are its claws quietly toward China.F-22, led a large-scale military exercises"Asahi Shimbun" quoted commentary describes the U.S. military officers said that the day the exercise of imaginary subjects are three "bad guys" (enemy fighters). Exercise process, U.S. warplanes to avoid enemy aircraft dropped bombs penetrated the enemy area. After successfully destroying the target, U.S. warplanes carried out air refueling and return to base. After landing, the aircraft is still in a state of emergency to respond to the state without shutting down the engine fueling directly, then immediately took off. Reported, F-22 can evade radar monitoring, perform a variety of combat missions. For example, F-22 can first destroy the opponent's radar, then cover followed by F-15 fighters to attack. With an F-22 pilot saying: "We found that when the enemy 


pilot, wingman is only next to him off the hook the moment.""Asahi Shimbun" said, given the U.S. military rival in the Asia-Pacific region, only China, the U.S. pilot calls the "bad guy" basically means "Chinese army.""World News" reporter from the official website of the U.S. Pacific Command, learned from the beginning of March 6 this year, the Air Force is indeed held in Hawaii, codenamed "Sentinel - Aloha," the large-scale exercise. From five units to drive more than 350 Airmen 7 models, a total of 50 military aircraft, for a period of three weeks of high-intensity exercise. "Sentinel - Aloha" exercise responsible Leandro · Altman introduced, said this year's exercise is designed tonike free 5.0+ womens   enhance the combat capability of the United States Air Force in different units, different types of aircraft. Equipped with F-22 stealth fighter Hawaii Air Guard 199 Squadron China not only with his brother forces joint operations training exercises also played at a high intensity air against an imaginary enemy. Massachusetts Air National Guard 104th Squadron China sent 100 soldiers and 10 F-15 fighters participated in the exercise. During the exercise, F-15 and F-22 pilot drill the joint combat capability for the real battlefield. Maj. Brian Moran, Ohio Air National Guard 112th Squadron China on the experience seemed very excited, "came to Hawaii to support the driver's colleague fifth-generation fighter, and together they act as 'Blues' participation exercises really fantastic. "he said, before training at the Nellis Air Force Base," Our (F-16) had performed together with the F-22 ground attack exercises over the task, then they are responsible for the cover, we throw bombs on the line this year. 'Sentinel - Aloha' During the exercise, we are the 



first drive F-16 and F-22 air to air combat joint exercises. "Stepping up wondering "anti-stealth tactics"Exercise responsible Altman specifically mentioned, during the exercise, the U.S. Air Force stealth fighter not only exercise a joint tactical air control operations, but also to help other anti-stealth fighter aircraft and tactical drills. Military analysts have pointed out, if the "Asahi Shimbun" reported is true, then the Air Force is clearly offensive and defensive tactics against the Chinese air force exercises, and F-22 combat exercises in the role is likely to be positive in the test phase of Chinese J-20 Stealth fighter.U.S. pondering anti-stealth tactics is that it hopes to ensure one's own advantage, while the ability to stealth stealth fighter weakened opponents. Considering the U.S. Air Force F-22 to participate in the regular sending a strong confrontational exercise, we can safely guess that its response stealth fighterTechnology and experience should be the most abundant countries currently. This also shows that an Air Force stealth fighter equipment need to step up drills "anti-stealth tactics." With the recent maritime disputes with China and Japan have nike free run 2 mens   become increasingly frequent confrontations occurred 120 years ago in the Sino-Japanese naval battle once again become the focus of attention. People to reflect on the reasons for the defeat of the year the Northern Navy from different angles. Main points: First, the concept behind the ocean, the military system that is not, the command is not unified, coordinated land and sea bad; Second, the Qing government closed, decrepit, backward autocracy, corruption, coupled with the court and the army, avoiding war; three large clear national frail, weak